#wetwetwet - 26.02.2013 - Sony blogger night

Hi there!

In two weeks’ time we’ll be showing our dealers and partners what Sony Electronics and Mobile has got in store for its consumers in 2013.

We know however that YOU are also interested in technology and would value a sneak peek at all the novelties on display. We’ve come up with some new technologies to give you more image quality and more colours than you’ve ever dreamt possible. And features that’ll make sharing and showing as easy as it should be. One clue: it’s all about the user experience!

Moreover, we’ll be able to show you what Sony Mobile will be announcing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. You’ll be the first to see the new products in Belgium!

And of course, there will be a challenge for you: if you want to leave our showroom with more stuff in your pockets than you came with: pack your swimming trunks!

Be part of it: e-mail arne.van.ongeval@pr-ide.be before Tuesday 19/02 if you’ll be present and add the 2nd name if you’ll come accompanied.

Numbers are limited so make sure you’ll be on that list. If registrations exceed the availabilities, we’ll decide, totally arbitrary, who’ll make the cut. Yep, that’s the way we play!



The Event Lounge

Generaal Wahislaan 16F

1030 Brussels



19.00     welcome

19.15     obligatory presentation & rules of the game

19.45     #wetwetwet challenge

                free time to tour the showroom

                walking dinner

22.00     end


Hope to see you there!

Arne & Ann

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Arne Van Ongeval Pride/TBWA
Arne Van Ongeval Pride/TBWA